• S. Joyce's breads (v)

    • 13.5

    Toasted artisan breads, changing spreads & dips

    Master of the 'pork barrel'?


  • S. Bridge's Soup

    • 9.5

    Changing soup of the day, toasted breads

    "Bridges?... don't mention the bridges!'

  • P. Bennett's salmon salad (gf)

    • 17.5

    Beetroot cured salmon, avocado whip, sprouts, lentils du pay, pea tendrils, almond crumbs

    Hmmm the Paula and Jacinda show...


  • N. Smith arancini (v)

    • 14.5

    Crumbed pumpkin & smoked brie risotto balls, perso, aioli, leaves

    Hardened, scarred and still battling


  • G. Brownlee's pate

    • 14.5

    House chicken liver, mushroom & cracked pepper pate, Phoenix chutney, toasted breads

    From the hard yards of Christchurch to the foreign junket.


  • K. Davis' duck croquettes

    • 17

    Panko crumbed ‘pulled’ meat croquettes, Asian slaw, sprouts, pistachios, Romesco, aioli

    Ducking and diving with Hone


  • G. Robertson's calamari

    • 14.5

    Deep fried salt & pepper calamari, Asian slaw, lemon, Kaitaia Fire dip

  • W - a side of hand cut chips

    • 18.5

    Trapped in the Wellington bubble?


  • M. Shaw's mushroom roesti (gf, v)

    • 19.5

    Pan baked potato roesti, Portobello mushroom caps, pea puree, sprouts, baby tomato, pesto, pecorino

    Can he convey economic credibility with credulity?

  • A. Adam's spring salad (v)

    • 19.5

    Fresh piccalilli vegetables, bulgar wheat, blackeyed, broad & cannellini beans, baby rocket, sprouts, feta whip

  • W - grilled haloumi or lamb kofta kebabs

    • 25.5

    Pass the parcel - your house or mine?


  • 'The Journo's' drinking platter (for 4 to 6 persons)

    • 49

    Southern fried chicken drumsticks, cajun wings, fried calamari, hand cut

    skin chips, fresh fish fingers, sausage bites, chutney, condiments, dips

    Sustenance to conduct the "witch hunts".


  • 'The Left' tasting plate (for 2 to 4 persons)

    • 44

    House pate, cured salmon, arancinni, manuka smoked brie, chutney, mixed

    marinated olives, bread-n-butter pickle, lamb koftas, dips, spreads, grilled breads

    A veritable and disparate potpourri of artisnal flavours and divergent views



  • G. Morgan's chicken sandwich wrap

    • 22

    Grilled chicken thigh, bacon & brie in a wholegrain soft flour tortilla,

    whipped avocado, fresh leaves & bean sprout salad, hand cut skin chips

    Politics might just not be the art of rationality.


  • H. Harawira's fresh fish sandwich

    • 19.5

    Toasted sementi bread, bread-n-butter pickle, Asian slaw, leaves, aioli, hand cut

    skin chips w fried panko crumbed or pan seared fresh fish

  • W - Two fried eggs

    • 23

    Don't mention Kim dotcom!


  • J. Collin's hollandaise burger

    • 22

    Pan-roasted ground beef & venison patty, house chutney, fresh leaves, aioli, streaky bacon, hollandaise, hand cut skin chips

  • W - Two fried eggs

    • 25.5

    Hardly likely to keep her head down



  • B. English's confit of pork (gf)

    • 29

    Slow cooked 5-spice pork belly, 3-bean chorizo cassoulet, watercress, preserved lemon

    Will the spin doctors let Bill be Bill?


  • D. Seymour's scotch fillet (gf)

    • 33

    Char-grilled scotch fillet, duck fat roast baby potatoes, Portobello mushroom caps, bearnaise, red wine jus

    Smooth talking sviour of 'Rogernomics'?


  • J. Adern's fresh fish creation (gf)

    • 28

    Dukkah crusted fresh market fish, pea puree, potato roesti, broccolini with sprouts, baby tomato, pesto salad

    The fresh face of the left... and ain't they all jealous.


  • W. Peters' pappardelle

    • 27

    Pasta of Merguez spiced 'pulled' fallow deer, mushrooms, Romesco sauce, sorrel pesto, shaved pecorino

    And his time cometh... again.


  • T. Flavell's crispy duck breast (gf)

    • 31

    Crispy skin pan roasted med-rare breast, honey roast yams, feta whip, lentils du pay, watercress, pickled beetroot

    Sembalance of power better than the taint of Labour?


  • A. Little wild risotto (v,gf)

    • 23

    Wild rice & parmesan risotto, honey roast yams, broccolini, preserved lemon, baby spinach with pea, mint & corriander dollop

  • W - Herb crusted pan roasted chicken breast

    • 28

    Labour's long and winding road requires cunning, endurance and ... a Messiah


  • M. Turei's sausages

    • 25

    Pan-roasted pork, apple & sage sausages, 1812 mustard mash, onion jus, pea puree, herb roasted tomato, kumara shavings

    Rabid cage rattler trapped on the inside.


  • F & C '84

    • 24

    Panko crumbed fresh fish, lemon, tartare, house salad, toasted seeds, skin chips

    The Lange years - when Labour leaders were changed at whim much like today!



  • Hand cut skin chips, aioli

    • 5.5
  • House salad (dressed)

    • 7
  • Duck fat roast baby potatoes

    • 6
  • 1812 mustard mash

    • 5.5
  • Honeyed yams and broccolini w dukkah

    • 6
  • Toasted Turkish bread

    • 2.5
  • Garlic mushroom flats

    • 6
  • Two fried eggs

    • 4
  • Shaved pecorino

    • 3
  • Potato roesti (each)

    • 5.5
  • Swap to GF focaccia

    • 2.5
  • Aioli, house dressing, hollandaise, homemade tartare, apple & tomato chutney, 1812 beer seed mustard, tomato relish

    • 1
  • Complimentary - HP, sweet chilli, tomato, Tabasco, Worcestershire, homemade beer vinegar

    • n/c

  • C. Finlayson's brulee

    • 10

    Blueberry & white chocolate brulee, maple-hokey gelato, soft cream, tuilles

    Enjoying commentating on the cauldron without getting burnt.


  • M. Fox's nemesis (gf)

    • 10

    Rish chocolate mousse-cake, wild berry compote, soft cream, vanilla bean gelato

    Struggling with complex issues of power and survival


  • P. Dunne's tart

    • 10

    Apple & rhubard crumble tart, maple-hokey gelato, soft cream, anglaise

    Irrelavant and fading advertisement for burnout over rust.


  • M. Barry's bread-n-butter pudding

    • 10

    Brioche bread-n-butter pudding, anglaise, soft cream, vanilla bean gelato

    A blue rose with hidden thorns?


  • N. Kaye's double affogato

    • 8

    Vanilla bean or maple-hokey gelato, double shot espresso in demi-tasse

    The devil wears ... No. 1, especially in election year.

    add a shot of any liqueur 5